6 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I took a little break from blogging to refocus my blog. I’ve decided that since health and fitness are what I’m the most passionate about, I’m going to focus more on that type of content. From now on, you can expect regular blogs with some of my favorite recipes, workout tips, and training advice. I’m currently training for a marathon, so you can expect a ton of running-related content coming your way soon! Anyways, without further ado, check out my best tips for staying motivated to workout!

Set a Goal

This may seem fairly obvious, but it’s important. If you haven’t been able to follow a specific workout regimen in the past, it might be because your goal wasn’t right for you. For example, appearance-based goals don’t work for me because they put me in an unhealthy mindset. I know that I’m personally never going to look like Alexis Ren because I’m just not Alexis Ren. Whenever I used to set appearance-based goals I’d get too hard on myself and end up giving up.

Instead of having an appearance-based goal, I have athletic goals instead. For example, I’m currently training for a marathon in January. I’ve already signed up for the race and it’s on the calendar, so you can bet I’m motivated to get all of my training runs in! If appearance-based goals aren’t working for you, try making an athletic goal and you can even go a step further and make a goal date. Signing up for a race is a great way to get motivated to get your workouts in!

Schedule Your Workouts

We’re all busy. We’re all stressed. We’re all overscheduled. I get it! I am too! However, I challenge all of you to go to the settings app on your phone and lookup how much time you spend on social media everyday. It’s probably going to shock you. While we’re all crazy stressed and busy, we all have little more time to spare than we think.

Scheduling out your workouts is a great way to ensure that they actually happen. I have my entire running training plan mapped out through the end of January and you can bet your bottom dollar that unless I get injured, I’ll do each and every one of those workouts. I always workout on the same days every week, so I at least write down all my workouts in my planner every month and then typically add times in at the beginning of each week once I get a better idea of what my schedule is like. However, my workouts are non-negotiable, so skipping one because I want to go a last-minute social event isn’t going to happen. I schedule my social commitments around my workout schedule. Thankfully, my workouts are actually usually my social time as well since I have a training buddy.

Find a Good Accountability Partner

Like I mentioned above, I typically do all of my workouts with my training buddy. We’re both aiming for that January marathon and we’re following the same marathon training plan. Scheduling your workouts with a friend makes it a lot harder to back out last minute. If you’re having trouble getting to the gym, going for a run, or making it to your pilates class, make a plan to workout with a friend. Working out with a friend is a lot more fun and if you pick the right accountability partner (someone who won’t bail on you), you’re way more likely to get your workout in.

Make a Motivational Pinterest Board

I’m addicted to Pinterest. It’s where I spend a majority of my screen time. That’s why I decided to make a motivational board to remind me to workout. It’s set on private though, so don’t go looking for it. Basically, I just pin quotes about running, running blog posts, and workout clothes. Ever since I started pinning workout pins, Pinterest keeps recommending more motivational workout content for me, which reminds me to get out there and go for a run whenever I feel like scrolling social media instead.

Put Your Workout Clothes On

I learned this trick from my mom, and it’s highly effective. My mom is crazy busy and when I was younger, she was constantly driving my three brothers and I all around town to each of our respective practices. To ensure that she got her workout in for the day, I remember she’d get home from work and put on her workout clothes so she’d be ready to go for a run as soon as the opportunity arose.

Sometimes putting your cute workout clothes on is all it takes to motivate you to hit the gym or running trail. Sometimes, if I have an early morning run scheduled, I sleep in my running clothes because waking up and changing into your workout clothes is truly half the battle. It also gives me an extra five minutes of sleep, so I can’t complain!

Track Your Progress

This circles back to my first point. After you’ve set a goal for yourself, track your progress. If you have a weight loss goal, I recommend tracking measurements instead of weight because that’s going to reflect fat loss better than the scale. If you have an athletic goal, I highly recommend using some sort of fitness tracker like a Fitbit or Apple Watch because it’s easy to track a variety of health goals.

Personally, since I’m running, I like to keep track of my speed and my mileage to see how I’m improving. It’s really motivational to see my pace improve and it makes me want to keep training to see how much faster I can get or how much further I can run.

Now that you’ve read my six best tips for staying motivated to workout, it’s time to get active! However, if you need a great smoothie, go check out my maca smoothie blog for some delicious recipes to help with endurance!


6 thoughts on “6 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

  1. Lisa Ausley says:

    I love your idea of avoiding appearance based goals. My weight based goals have more to do with health but improved appearance is gained too. One of my goals is improved posture but I’m not sure how to track that. Any ideas? Thank you! More!


  2. baller says:

    This post is great! For me finding a accountability partner works wonders. Thanks for sharing this, you will be helping a lot of people!


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