Why I Decided To Only Wear 33 Items of Clothing for the Next 3 Months

3 Floor Length Formal Dresses

2 Pairs of Character Heels (I don’t even take a character dance class)

4 Pairs of Jeans 1 Size too Big

About a million over-sized sorority shirts I will probably never wear out of the house again…

The list could go on and on.

My closet has served as a catch-all for pretty much all the junk I’ve accumulated over the past two years. Plus, my closet, although not too big, is still about three times as big as my dorm room’s closet I had all four years of college.

About a week ago, I looked at my overflowing closet crammed full of clothes and still couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. It was just overwhelming. Although I feel like I’ve developed a pretty good sense of what my personal style is, my closet itself did not reflect that whatsoever. I started wondering why I even have all of this stuff if I don’t even like wearing it.

After scouring YouTube for a couple days trying to figure out where to start on my closet clean-out, I came to the conclusion that I had to give Project 333 a chance.

Courtney Carver came up with the idea and it seems pretty manageable. You take all the clothes out of your closet and build your wardrobe back with only 33 clothing items. Then you only wear those 33 items for the next three months and pack all your other clothes in a suitcase out of reach. After three months, you re-assess and switch out items for the next season.

I approached this a little differently, but I think it works for me. After I picked my 33 items, I ended up getting rid of about half of the items I didn’t pick right then and there. Then, I stored the rest of them in my attic. Luckily, workout clothes, loungewear, underwear, and wedding rings (if you have one) don’t need to be included in your 33 items.

However, Courtney Carver recommends including your outerwear, shoes, and other accessories in your 33 items. I didn’t do that. I included two jackets in my 33 items, but I didn’t include five pairs of shoes, my purse, work backpack, one pair of earrings, my Fitbit, RoadID, or the rings I never take off in my number. I think that I’m already very minimal with my accessories and shoes, so I didn’t feel like I needed to whittle it down any further at the moment. Maybe that will change. After three months, I plan on re-assessing my suitcase again and donating even more items that I realized I didn’t even miss.

You’re probably wondering what the point is.

Why do you only want to wear 33 items of clothing, Madison?

Allow me to explain.

I LOVE everything that’s left in my closet.

Since I only have 33 items of clothing in my wardrobe, I only have the items that I not only wear frequently, but love to wear. There’s nothing in my closet that I think “nah, I don’t want to wear that today.” I’m basically only wearing my favorite clothes every single day. Plus, since I already only chose my favorite dresses, I don’t even need to put much thought into getting ready for events. I have one to three dresses in each dress code (except formal because what are the odds I need a floor length gown in the next three months?)

Everything Matches Everything

Since every item I chose is a part of the same color scheme, pretty much everything matches everything. The colors I chose for my day-to-day items were black, white, grey, blush, and blue. I will admit that I do have one cocktail dress that’s plum and a skirt that’s salmon, but pretty much everything goes with my original color scheme. It’s super convenient to pick out any top and know it’ll most likely match any bottoms I choose and either jacket I pick. It really speeds up the getting ready process.

It’s Sustainable

By limiting yourself to only 33 items of clothing, you’re not tempted to go out on a shopping spree every weekend. It forces you to look at each item of clothing and really stop to evaluate whether you want to make it one of your 33 items. I’ve decided not to shop at all within the next three months because it’s pretty clear I have plenty of clothes. In the future, I don’t plan on purchasing cheap items of clothing just because it’s cheap. In three months, I’ll evaluate what items my closet needs and then decide whether or not I want to purchase a high-quality version of them. I don’t need clothes that will stretch out, shrink, or tear after three wears. I need clothes that will hold up.

In conclusion, I’m pretty excited about taking on Project 333. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your life, create a personal style, or save money, I recommend trying it out for yourself. I know that I’m not the only person who thinks the world is super overwhelming right now, so if you’re looking for something positive to do while your social-distancing yourself, I’d give it a go. If anything, it will get you off social media for a few hours.

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