My Favorite Home Workout Videos on YouTube

Summer is right around the corner… OK, it’s already 80 degrees in Destin, so it feels like it’s here, but the rest of the world still has a little bit of time to get in shape. However, most of the country is stuck within the four walls of their house. My friends up north say the weather is still too rainy and cold to go running, the gyms are obviously closed, and most of us don’t have a weight room in our house. Finding the motivation to workout when there are so many obstacles in your way is more challenging than ever before. That’s why I’m here to help.

I’ve always been a fan of working out at home. I don’t like going to the gym at all, to be honest. Although I did actually purchase a gym membership a few months ago, I only use it for the treadmills when it’s too dark to run outside. Anyways, since home workouts have always been my jam, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite home workouts on YouTube that don’t require any equipment besides maybe a yoga mat (or towel).

20 MIN FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT // No Equipment, No Noise – Natacha Oceane

I love Natacha Oceane and her 20-minute full body home workout is no joke. If you’re looking for an intense home workout using only your bodyweight, this one is great. I tried it for the first time this afternoon and I’m already feeling it. Plus, it doesn’t involve any jumping jacks or burpees, so if you’re living in an apartment or dorm, this workout is perfect because it’s so quiet.


Alexis Ren’s ab workout is seriously intense. Last January, I did it every single day for a month and saw incredible results. If you’re looking for a workout that targets your core, this ab workout won’t disappoint. Plus, it’s only 10 minutes and since time is essentially irrelevant when you’re quarantined that’s nothing.

10 MIN INNER THIGH Model Workout | Tone & Tighten without Equipment | Sanne Vloet

Want to train like a Victoria’s Secret model at home? Check out Sanne Vloet’s 10-Minute Inner-Thigh Workout. It doesn’t require any equipment and you’ll definitely feel this one. It’s perfect for adding onto Alexis Ren’s ab workout.

BALLET BLAST Beginner Full Body Workout – Naturally Sassy

Don’t let the “beginner” in the title fool you. Even as an actual ballet dancer, I find this workout to be pretty intense. Sassy Gregson-Williams is the founder of Ballet Blast, which is kind of like your own home barre workout (except not at the barre). It’s a ballet-inspired workout to give you the elongated toned muscles of a ballet dancer. If you’re looking for something more advanced than this beginner video, I’d recommend taking a look at the other videos on her channel. She has a variety of options for different levels that target different muscles.

20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif’s 20-minute full body workout is one of the most popular home workouts on YouTube… for good reason. If you’re looking for another great home workout to try that doesn’t need any equipment, this workout won’t disappoint. She also has a beginner version you can try as well.

I love these home workouts on YouTube and I hope that this blog inspires you to get moving today… even if you’re stuck in your apartment. For more at-home workout ideas, check out my blog “Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym Membership.” Let me know in the comments which YouTube workouts are your favorites!


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