5 Basics Every Girl Needs In Her Fall Wardrobe

While the rest of the world has been enjoying the nice cool fall weather for a few months now, it finally made its first debut to the Florida panhandle on Friday. While low 80s isn’t exactly what this Wisconsinite considers to be “fall weather,” I am embracing it whole-heartedly because I am ready to start sporting my favorite fall clothes. Here are a few of my favorite fall looks and five basics every girl needs in her fall wardrobe (especially if they live in a hot climate). I’ll link similar or exact items I’m wearing below!

1. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans


I pretty much think that high-waisted skinny jeans are the best thing to happen since gluten-free sliced bread, and Old Navy’s “Rockstar” jeans are my favorite. I got these light washed ones a few weeks ago and I’m pretty obsessed with them. They’re the only pair of high-waisted jeans I’ve ever owned that actually fit me everywhere.


Like pretty much every girl I’ve ever met, I have the hardest time finding jeans. I have a small frame with long legs, but I have hips. It’s hard for me to find high-waisted jeans that fit my hips but aren’t too baggy around my thighs and waist. They’re also ankle jeans so I love pairing them with my brown Rocketdog booties or my cream oxfords.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Brown Booties

Cream Oxfords

2. Striped Shirt


This particular striped tank top from H&M is pretty much a staple in my wardrobe year-round. I live in Florida and the weather doesn’t always cooperate with the clothes I want to wear, but this tank is perfect for layering. I also prefer to keep the base of all my outfits in the same color scheme (black, white, or denim), so this tank fits in perfectly with my sense of style.


Since neutral colors are big in the fall, I like adding stripes to my outfits to add a little bit of texture and character. I’m not too adventurous with my patterns though, so black and white stripes are my go-to. I usually pair this tank with my black high-waisted skinnies from H&M or those Old Navy jeans I mentioned earlier. Also, on chillier days (or just when the air conditioning is too cold) I like to add a cardigan to it. I’m wearing my long light-gray Target cardigan in the picture above.

Striped Tank Top

Black Skinny Jeans

Long Cardigan

Old Navy Bucket Bag

3. Cable-Knit Sweater


Since I’m originally from Wisconsin, cable-knit sweaters have always been one of my favorite things to wear. They look great on their own or paired with a light fall jacket. This black one from H&M is my favorite because even though it’s super warm, it’s not too bulky to tuck the front into my high-waisted jeans. Tucking the front in gives the whole look a more sleek and sophisticated feel that I love.


I also love to wear this sweater with black skinny jeans and cream shoes. I’ve always loved wearing black on black, and these oxfords give the look a little bit of balance. However, I’m definitely not opposed to wearing black booties with this outfit as well.

Cable-Knit Sweater

Black Skinny Jeans

Rockstar Jeans

Cream Oxfords

4. Neutral Dress For Layering


This basic camisole dress from Old Navy is a surprising staple in my fall wardrobe. If you live in a warmer climate, but still want to look Autumnal, a simple neutral toned sundress is key. It’s perfect for those days where it’s simply way too hot to wear jeans. However, try swapping out your sandals for a closed-toe shoe or even an ankle boot.


While this sundress is cute on its own, I usually like to layer it. Depending on the temperature, I’ll either opt for a light cardigan like this one from Romwe or a thicker one if it’s actually chilly.

Old Navy Sundress

Cream Oxfords

Light Cardigan

5. CardiganIMG_8585

I feel like this last one is pretty obvious because I’ve been talking about cardigans throughout this entire blog. Since it’s still not really cold where I live, cardigans are my best friend. They’re so easy to put on or take off depending on how cold I am. As I mentioned earlier, this burnt orange cardigan from Romwe is perfect for Florida because it’s not actually very warm (probably because it was only $5).


Since I usually keep the base of my outfits pretty neutral, I like adding a pop of color with my cardigans. This thicker maroon one from Forever 21 has always been one of my go-to cardigans. It especially came in handy back in college when my school color was “cardinal” aka maroon.

Burnt Orange Cardigan

Thick Maroon Cardigan

Coach Purse

These are the basics I am absolutely obsessed with this time of year. I’d love to hear what your favorite fall trends are in the comments below!


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