My Experience With The EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks since I last posted a blog. In the past few weeks I went to Milwaukee and back, to Atlanta and back, then back to Milwaukee again, and now I’m finally home in Destin again for the next few weeks until I travel to Mobile for DYW Nationals with my mom. Anyways, a lot has happened in the past month.

A few weeks ago, I ordered an EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test. I already knew that I couldn’t eat gluten, but my stomach has been pretty upset for the past six months or so and I had a feeling it had something to do with my diet. After pretty much eliminating all sugar from my diet back in March, my stomach has felt a lot better, but I still felt bloated and sluggish. That’s why when I heard Jordan Younger (aka the Balanced Blonde) talk about EverlyWell in a podcast ad, I was super intrigued. Instead of testing for allergies, it tests your body’s sensitivity to certain foods. Food sensitivity can cause stomach aches, migraines, anxiety, and so much more and a food sensitivity wouldn’t show up on a traditional allergy test at the doctor’s office.

EverlyWell has a variety of different tests available on their website. You can find tests for vitamin B levels, testesterone, fertility, Lyme Disease, STDs, metabolic health, stress, and so much more. I obviously decided to take the food sensitivity test.

The process was super simple. I ordered the test online and got it two days later. They send you a kit where you prick your finger and provide a blood sample on a card. Next, you just send your kit back in the mail and EverlyWell will tell you your results about 10 days after they receive your test. It was really easy and perfect for a girl with a busy schedule. I didn’t have to schedule any doctor’s appointments or even leave my house to draw blood. Overall, the process couldn’t have been more convenient.

About ten days after sending my kit back to EverlyWell, they sent me an email with my results. They break down your results into four different categories: high reactivity, moderate reactivity, mild reactivity, and low reactivity.

According to EverlyWell’s website, “This test will accurately measure IgG reactivity levels against foods that you have consumed in the past 4 weeks. After 28 days, our bodies begin to break down IgG molecules that are not being actively used. It takes on average 6-12 months to completely remove a certain class of IgG molecules (for some people it may be longer). Therefore, if you have already identified a symptom causing food and removed it from your diet, you would expect to not see very high reactivity levels against that eliminated food item.” Because of this (and the fact that this isn’t a Celiac Test), I knew that gluten wouldn’t show up on my test, but that’s OK, since I already knew I couldn’t eat it.

They tested 96 different common food sensitivities and these were my results.

High Reactivity:


Moderate Reactivity: none

Mild Reactivity:

  • BRAN
  • RYE

Low Reactivity: All the other foods tested, however I won’t be eliminating any of those from my diet because a low reactivity level is normal and nothing to worry about.

Since recieving my test results, I’ve only eliminated eggs from my diet (I eliminated gluten 7 years ago), because that was my strongest food sensitivity and doing so, my stomach has felt so much better. I did the elimination diet and tried reintroducing eggs into my diet again last Monday to be sure they were actually causing my stomach aches. Unfortunately, this only confirmed what I thought to be true. I definitely can’t eat anything with eggs in it anymore, which is a real bummer for me because pretty much all gluten-free baked goods, pizzas, and crackers contain eggs.

However, I’m super excited to start trying out new egg-free recipes. I can already tell you that I was thrilled to find out that the Quest pizza and California Pizza Kitchen gluten-free pizza are both egg-free, which means pizza isn’t totally out of the picture for me after all.

If you’re interested in trying out EverlyWell for yourself, you’re in luck because I have a link for you that can get you 20% off your order. Just use https://refer.everlywell.com/s/Madison32 to get a discount on any test!


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